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How to promote dating sponsors on blogs or.....

Why, who, where, when & how?

Why do you want to promote dating sponsors??

Well presumably to make money!! The average length of time a person signs up to an adult dating site is between 3 and 4 months so you should be looking to make 30+ on each upgrade. This figure is based upon you using the sponsor I recommend.

If you use a different sponsor this figure will vary. In locating a reliable dating sponsor for long term income growth ensure you find one that pays on a rev share basis not pps, pays on time & has an efficient affiliate team ready to deal with any queries you may have quickly.

Who should I promote?

There are lots of dating sponsors out there but to maximise your returns you need to go nichey!! So if you are promoting swinger sites you want to point your surfers to a swinger dating site which matches their needs. If you promote fat women you want to direct your surfers to a bbw dating site which is size positive. Give your surfer what they want!!! Niche can be broken down into micro niches which can include geographical break downs for greater relevancy so swingers can break down into countries e.g. UK swingers or smaller areas such as Lancashire swingers. For rev share I recommend Bone Fish as being the most flexible for blogging use.

Where should I promote my dating sponsor??

On your blogs ofcourse!!!  Blogs are a great way of generating traffic to dating sponsors.

Remember a blog does not have to be aimed specifically at dating to convert well with dating sponsors. You can add banners in your sidebars, details of dating profiles as blog posts and as permanent stickies on your blog. Make sure you place banners in areas which will generate good click throughs such as top right hand positioning.

When should I start promoting a dating sponsor?

The answer has to be now!!! there has never been a better time to profit from promoting online dating sites.Online dating truly is a recession proof income with sign ups and upgrades booming at a time the economy is struggling. For more in depth analysis of this global phenomena see Online Dating websites prosper in the recession , Internet Dating Boom and recession & The Romance of Recession.

How should I promote my dating sponsor?

As a practical example to show you what I mean I have made a quick blog at free host Thumblogger with an amateur UK type theme called UK Wives. I have linked the blog to adult blog directories & created a quick banner (so quick it took under 3 minutes to make) to link the blog to amateur adult toplists. For this blog I'll be targeting UK toplists where possible.

Always promote the sites that your dating sponsor offers ready made that matches your blog's content most closely to maximise your chnaces of a sale. Take a look at UK Wives now and see what I mean. As UK Wives is an amateur UK themed site I have also added links to UK adult dating sites from UK Swingers Cash & Easy Date. You'll also see I've added links to toplists at dating sites I operate with DIY Dating who provide free dating templates & a free toplist on their hosting for you to customise. If you quickly scan through the blog posts on UK Wives you'll find a blog post to another dating site too.

The sticky at the top of UK Wives contains a text link to Housewife Sex Dates aswell as 3 images taken from member's profiles from this site. Take a look at Housewife Sex Dates. You'll see the index page is a simple splash page leading to a customised Bone Fish template site. By signing up to your own dating site you can get a feel for how members are treated when they join aswell as finding interesting profiles with images to use for new blog posts.

Sounds great but  I need lots of traffic right??


Whilst having lots of traffic would be nice you can make a healthy four figure sum each month just with Bone Fish by making your own personalised dating sites and sending them relatively small amounts of traffic (about 150 uniques a day) provided your traffic is highly targeted. And imho the best way to get good quality targeted traffic to your dating sites is using blogs.


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